Hi, web designer! I'm here to turn your design files into a website.

I believe that we all should focus on what we do best. Since you’re here, chances are that for you, that’s designing websites. And I just love writing code and configuring sites to be just so. Let’s partner up and deliver a stunning website to your client!


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I ❤️ the Divi Theme

I’ve used the crazy powerful Divi theme for all my builds in the past 6 years – from simple one-pagers to functionality-rich webshops and everything in between. If you’re looking to hire a Divi expert, then you are in the right place.

Custom CSS

I’m here to help you elevate the design of your Divi websites beyond their out-of-the-box styles. You dream up the design; I write the code to translate your vision to the web. I provide fully annotated, organised custom CSS to make it is easy for you to use, edit and learn from.

Custom Development

Supply a design and I’ll turn it into a website with Divi. I’ll tweak and tweak until I get it to look exactly like you imagined it. This is a great option if you like to design but not develop, or if you’re replacing an HTML website with WordPress and want to keep the same look-and-feel.

Design + Development

Are you looking for both design and development? I work seamlessly with some stellar web designers. We outline the User Experience together; they create layouts that your client will love; I turn them into a Divi website. Together we aim to provide the best possible end result – a website that looks great *and* works well.


Building webshops excites me! The importance of UX, the wide range of possible functionality… The first website I ever build (for myself) used WooCommerce and had highly customised shipping options and products with hundreds of variations. Blood, sweat and tears, I tell you. 😅 Nowadays I like to apply my knowledge to prevent this for others.

Gravity Forms

From registration forms to product builders – I can build the right form for your client. I’m well-versed in conditional logic, dynamic population and sleek CSS styling. My forms are optimised for the best UX and come with Google Analytics conversion tracking. You tell me what the form should do and I’ll handle the rest.

Google Analytics

I’ll admit: I’m a data nerd! And when I make recommendations to increase conversions, I don’t go by what the website owner thinks – I go by hard data. And who better to provide them than Google? Installing Google Analytics on your client’s site will help you/them keep track of its performance and form a better understanding of its users. It is *the* first step to take on the road to a better website.

But… just installing Google Analytics is not enough. When hired to review a website’s performance, my #1 pet peeve is to find that no conversion tracking has been set up. ? If your client does not have the numbers on the conversions their different marketing channels pull in, then they may as well flush their money down the drain.

This is why all my Google Analytics installations come with custom configuration to meticulously track your client’s business goals.


Let’s Get Technical 🤓

I completely understand that integrations can be overwhelming. The last thing you want is that the most valuable component of a website doesn’t work as it should. I happily prevent that headache and take care of the technicalities.

Featured Work

Website Design and Development


BuzzBrand helps business owners start and grow their business. They needed a website that'd pique the interest of prospects and give them a quick way to get in touch. 

A blog was added later to enable BuzzBrand to pursue content marketing.

Woocommerce build

Gypsy Soul

Gypsy Soul sources boho clothing during their travels and needed a platform to sell them worldwide. Easy size-selection for bikinis and automated stock management was front-and-center during this development.

About Me

Hi! I’m Noëlle. I’ve Been Building WordPress Websites Since 2013.

Throw an idea for a webshop, an empty bank account and a 2 Mbps internet line together, et voilà… that’s how I got into building websites. Seven years later, and I am now a full-time freelance WordPress web developer.

  • Pushing Pixels with CSS
  • Building Woo Webshops
  • Geeking Out Over Data

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My Core Values

  • Communication is key.
  • Always keep learning.
  • Time is more valuable than money.

Currently Learning

5 Things About Me

  • Used to be a digital nomad.
  • Settled down in sunny South Africa.
  • About to dive into permaculture gardening.
  • Nature is my happy place.
  • Fresh lemon zest is my favourite scent.

“I count on Noëlle with the most complex assignments as I know I will get brilliant results.”

Jana Dojavova

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