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Project Summary

Imagined by BuzzBrand

BuzzBrand is a one-stop-shop for those who are looking to start or grow an eCommerce business. They asked for a modern, on-brand website that’d pique the interest of their prospect clients and offer them a way to easily get in touch. Once live, they expressed the need for a blog, so that BuzzBrand would be able to use content marketing to drive traffic and start building a mailing list.

Created by Noëlle

Drawing inspiration from their logo, I decided to go for a minimalist design. I also used the logo’s striking orange-yellow gradient to guide the user’s eye to the most important elements on the site, like the Let’s Talk buttons. Hexagons were introduced throughout the site to introduce another branding element. My personal favourite is the services grid (above). The blog includes custom post templates to make it easy for their content writer to add new content to the site.

What BuzzBrand said

The Website Is Exactly Like I Imagined It To Be!

“Noëlle is an excellent web developer with a wealth of knowledge. Her analytical approach, efficiency and great communication skills make every project real pleasure to  work together.”


Head Of Account Management

A site with focus

About the User Experience

Although I do absolutely love things like vibrant colour and bold typography, those aren’t the most important to me in a design.

What everything evolves around is how BuzzBrand’s website visitors use the site. The homepage offers several moments for the visitor to decide to start a conversation. Clicking a Let’s Talk button makes that quick and simple by opening up a pop-up containing a contact form. Google Analytics event tracking has been put in place to gather data on these clicks, so that the marketing team will be able to tell exactly which campaigns drive the highest quality traffic.

On the blog, visitors are prompted early to decide which topic they’d like to focus their learning on. I’ve deberately opted to place this navigation at the top, rather than using a sidebar, to keep the content front-and-center.

With a high word count, it was vital that BuzzBrand’s posts would be easy consume. I feel that the combination of Lisa’s beautiful copywriting and my strategic use of whitespace defintely achieved this. Sticky social sharing buttons allow visitors to post the articles to social media at any time.

I wanted to keep visitors engaged after they would’ve had read the blog post. First I draw their eye to the newsletter opt-in form, to help BuzzBrand build their email list. After, visitors are shown more articles on the same topic to motivate them to keep on reading.

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